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Lose spike
Lose spike  
QUESTION: Hey of coarse it's me again. I just wanted to say that the black mark on marleys back was him getting ready to shead. It came off today, but he's been having a lot of shead build up where that strange mark was on his back. He just lost 2 spikes on his back. Idk what it came from but I think it has something to do with the shedding. He has another lose spike right now that's very sensitive to him. I can tell every time I touch it. It almost reminds me of a lose tooth. I just wanted to know if his spikes will ever grow back? And if there's anyway to help remove some of the built up shed. Also wanted to know if you could over feed an iguana? I've been giving him a good bit of food every day, and he eats most of it, but he ends up looking like he over ate. He gets really bloated and looks really fat. But if I only put a small amount of food out, he ends up looking for more sometime during the day. Thank you for all your help and responding to me in a quick manor.

ANSWER: Hi Tyler,
Keep putting the ointment on it.  You can also use Vaseline on it to see if that helps it shed more. I use Vaseline on the stuck shed areas... Also, many use an aloe vera spray on their igs to help with shedding.  
Their spikes do seem to be very sensitive.  Like claws... they may or may not grow back...time will tell.  The my grow back normal or they may be little nubs or not at all.
Nope, you really can't over feed them.  They always look bloated after they eat, til they take a poop.  If even after pooping, he still looks really bloated, or if the poop is sour smelling and loose, then that can be due to internal parasites and a vet needs to do a fecal to determine the type of parasite and the treatment..NEVER allow any vet to treat your ig with Ivermectin!!!!!!!!!  It is toxic to the igs.
Allow your green(red) monster to eat as much as he wants...

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Black bumps
Black bumps  
QUESTION: Hey I just wanted to know if you knew what this black bumps are on marleys tail? I can't find anything in te Internet about it, and they almost look like black little scabs. Idk what try are. I'm attaching a picture so you can hopefully tell me what they are, I never really taken notice to them before today. I don't know if their mites or anything. I thought mites were only red. Idk if I'm dealing with a seriously problem of I'm just over reacting like I normally am. If you have an answer to this I'd help out alot. I really don't have the money to take him to a vet because I'm only 17 and I don't think there are any vets locally that specialize with iguanas. So anything I can do to save a get visit will help. Thank you for all the help you've been giving me and answering all the questions I've been throwing at you. It means so much. Thanks

Hi Tyler,
I'm not sure what the bumps would be..but..they won't be mites as mites are tiny.  Mites can be black, red or brown though.
Use the Neosporin on the tail... keep a close eye on the spots..if they start to spread, then we might have to find a way to get your ig seen by a vet.
I do want to mention that the spots can be normal coloring also but if they are actually bumps, that are raised up then they may not be normal.
I do want to stress the importance of keeping a very very clean habitat!!
Also, if you have the betadine, I would add some to his bath water after he has been in there a bit so he has time to drink first.  Only add a small amount of the Betadine so the water is the color of a very weak tea.


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