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Iguanas/Femoral pores


Iggy, my 2 year old iguana, decided to climb behind the stove and I had to get him out. As I was inspecting him to make sure he wasn't injured, I noticed some of his femoral pores were gone. His thigh was always lined with them. Now, he's missing a bunch. I don't know if it's from him slipping down his branch or what it could be from. Is this normal for then to fall off or go missing?

Hi Layla,
Are they just rubbed smooth or is there holes where they were?  If they are holes, you want to keep a close eye on them so they don't become infected, especially if they look "raw" now.  A vet visit is a good idea to have him checked.
Male igs do mark their territory by sliding their pores on things.. and yes, he could also have worn them off sliding down his branch.  Again, keep an eye out for any problems and you may want to make his branch a bit more softer such has attaching a towel to it.


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