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Iguanas/broken leg...i think


So I got my Iguana about three months ago and while I am expirienced in owning reptiles I have never  with a broken limb.  At least I think that's what it is.  My iguana hammock had fallen and I came in the room and my iguana is sitting there with his leg laying limp.  I don't think he is in pain because when I move it he seems to not even notice.  He has not lost his appetite and from what i can tell is using the bathroom regularly.  I've looked up things and everyone tells me that I need to take him to the vet. I love the little guy but I don't have the money to pay for an exotic vet.  So anyway the question is what should I do?  just splint it to his tail or leave it be?

Hi Andrew,
You shouldn't have to use an exotics vet... any vet should be able to tell if it is broken.  If it is broken, if the vet is unsure how to splint it, he can consult with an exotics vet if needed.  The problem with you just splinting it is this...
IF the bone is broken, there is risk of puncture and infection if not properly set or splinted.
If that happens, then you are faced with either having to put the little guy down or spending much more than a vet visit now to get the bone fixed and infection cleared up.  IF the bone heals out of line, he may never be able to use that leg and as you know, iguanas are climbers.
With igs, they hide pain very well so you can't base his no reaction to it not bothering him with pain.
If the leg is broken I would guess he can't use it at all.. dislocation, again, wouldn't use it at all... sprain..he may just favor it..but as I said with iguanas, they do hide their pain very is how they survive in the wild.
There is a credit card called "CARE CREDIT" that you may want to look into.  You can also ask the vet to work with you on payments..or even some type of barter may find that youor vet is willing to work with you.


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