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Iguanas/skiddish baby ig


Hello there.  Two weeks ago i bought a eight month old iggy from a lady who had to move.  He is in a 55gal.tank with all the accessories needed. A 100 watt uvb ,as well as another 65 watt bulb so if the temp drops I can warm it.  Water ,plants, two climbing structures. I keep the 100on all day from 9am to 10 pm. He is eating two times a day,fed always within an hour after lights on in the morning and then again at 6pm. He is eating well, collards, mustards,gr pep turnip Green.. endive etc..,and acting well in his cage..but very skiddish. I can sit at the cage and watch eachother but the minute i get up or move around he freaks and runs all over. He has tried to tail whip,i just ignore it and keep interacting with him slowly. He is fine with me cleaning, feeding,the tank and loves to be misted. I have slowly tried to interact with him.. he doesn't seem to be becoming more comfortable with me.  I take him out once every three days at this point and hand feed him,pet him etc.  He has started to try to dig his way out of the tank. I feel i am doing everything right  to bond more with him ,i just feel and see he isnt having it. Once I finally get him out.. .he is semi calm,if I am holding him i cannot place him down or set him on me and let go he trys to take off. Is there By advice you can lend to me help to help?. Is it ok to finally catch him and take him out and interract? I don't want to stress him but I feel bad cooped up in the aquarium all the time as well.  Any suggestions help.. .thanks

Hi Joanne,
Believe it or not, your ig is acting 100% normal.  It is also very hard to get them out of an aquarium without being over top them which does freak them out.  Sometimes, if possible, if you can allow him to climb up a board placed inside the tank so he can climb to the top, which you can then get takes that fear away a bit that you are going to swoop down and grab them up. It can take weeks, months and even years to tame an ig...or for them to become comfortable with you.  Unfortunately, being wild animals, some never tame or trust humans.  You are doing everything right... you can actually try a bit more hands on with him..every day is fine unless it stresses him..IE not eating, hiding more, etc..
He is very new to you, 2 weeks is not long at all..give him time...take your time.. and have lots of patience.  As I said, you are doing everything right.
If you have a room that is 100% ig safe, spend time in their with him.  In an ig safe room, if he does get away from you, it isn't a problem.
Also, do make sure that he is getting darkness for 10-12 hrs a night....if they don't have darkness to sleep, they tend to stress.  If you need some good informational sites..
getting him into another cage will help also. When you don't have to go over top of them, it helps with the trusting level.
Again, you are doing everything right!!  The fact that he is eating for you says that he is trusting you more than you think!!  


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