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Iguanas/sleep pattern


I have had Jose for about 10 years.  He has always been settled and asleep by 9pm.  Tonight he wasnt settled and was scratching at the door of his habitat. I went in and placed him on his branch leading to his sleeping platform.  He came down and continued to scratch at the door of the habitat.  I filled the tub and gave him a bath, made sure the floor of his habitat was spotless and gave him a little food.(he had 2 bites and was no longer interested).  He again repeated the scratching at the door. I then went back and picked him up, he snuggled in and we walked around a little while I talkedcalmly to him (much like one does for an infant).  I then took him back to hishabitat about 10 minutes later andplaced him onthe branch leading ti his sleepingplatform and he continued on up to lay on it.  Is it possible that he wanted the cuddle-time or is there something wrong with his health?

Hi Terri-Anne,
Wow!!  I have a "JOSE`" also!!  Mine is a female and she is 13 yrs old.
It really is hard to tell why they do what they do... he may have seem something on the outside of his habitat that unsettled him... he may have decided that you didn't give him quite enough attention earlier..or he just figured..what the heck..I think I'll check out the door. It sounds like he settled back in.
When ever they do things out of the normal it puts us on guard for some health issue... it is what makes us good owners.  It is always best to keep an eye for any other changes and if there are more, then a vet visit is recommended.


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