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Thanx for your quick response on my previous questions.  I also would like to know why my iguana eversince he got ill,  cannot really pick up its legs to walk or run.  Its as if he is not very strong at the moment.  i do not know if it is because he doesnt eat properly now or there may be something else wrong?

IF he is not getting proper care(diet, temperatures, UVB) he may be suffering from many health problems with the most common problems being metabolic bone disease and possibly gout.  Of course there is a host of other things it can be, both minor and very serious.
Please read through the caresheet to make sure you are providing proper care..make sure your uvb is the proper source, and if the sun is your source of uvb, it MUST be unfiltered...(not through glass or tight screening).  If your igs diet is high in spinach, it can lead to health issues with calcium deposits.  if the diet consists of only one or two of the foods(such as collards and kale) again, it cn cause health issues.  The need a variety of foods.  


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I am well versed in all aspects of the care and keeping of green iguanas. This includes all husbandry issues pertaining to the Green Iguana. I am not a vet so I cannot answer medical questions, other than ideas for normal supplementation, removing stuck shed, dropped tail and mites and other general health questions


I own 3 green iguanas, two of which are rescues. I've had my Iguanas for 11 years. I own a yahoo group dedicated to raising healthy iguanas. I've rescued and rehabbed several young iguanas and have placed them in wonderful forever homes. I prefer taking in the "hard cases" that need critical care.

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One of the Co Authors of the Book "The Iguana Dens Care and Keeping of Giant Green Iguanas"

I was a vet tech for a small animal practice for 6 years.

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I own a yahoo group dedicated to raising healthy iguanas.(babyiguana) I have answered several Iguana questions on the "reptile" forum on here.

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