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My iguana is not eating for several days now.  We had him to the vet and he thinks that he may have infections in his airway or lungs.  He is currently on atibiotics.  We forcefeed  him at the moment.  He is definitely breathing alot better after about 6 days of antibiotics.  But he is still not eating.  He also is not very active at the moment. We also give him small amounts of glucose water to keep up his energy level.  You think maybe whe must also deworm him?

Hi Zelda,
I believe I sent you a care sheet the other day in response to your question.  
With the not eating.. any time they are given any medications it generally kills off all the needed bacteria in their stomachs. Some bacteria is needed for digestion.
To replace the bacteria needed, giving them a pro biotic is recommended.
I'm not sure what you have access to where you are located but here is a list of products that can be used.  I do suggest contacting the vet prior to use since your ig is being treated by the vet now.
To replace the bacteria and get the gut working well again, pro biotics are used.  To replenish the needed gut bacteria you can use one of the following products.. bene bac...labeled for birds, approved for reptiles. nutri bac acidolophliz+ or plain, human grade Acidophilus...... one capsule will dose for at least 2 days. most often 3-4 days of treatment is recommended but there is no problem with giving for a longer period of time on any of the products. They can also be given on a regular basis 2-3 times a week. BeneBac ..most larger pet stores should carry it...especially if they have birds... Acidophiliz+ I think Pets Mart carries it..if not....on line at


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