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Iguanas/Red iguana skin discoloration


Hello, my red iguana Erebus was brought Into my home about three weeks ago. Since the day I got him he had this discoloration on his Thighs hands and feet.  They appear to be getting better, I have some pictures of when they were worse.  However it is very concerning to me and I would like your advice If you would be willing to give it to me.  His diet consists of Dandyline greens, Mustard greens, collard greens, and acorn squash, He has proper UVB lighting, And also has a fogger that keeps the humidity at 85 to 90%.  He is very sweet and even was taught how to give kisses!  He also had a broken toe when I got him, however the Broken black part of the total has fallen off. Pictures will be included by a link to photobucket.  He does not seem to mind the toe loss, and it appears to have completely.  I also have a female green iguana, since he is male,  have gotten along for the past few weeks. However as expected, they have started to drift apart and she being the bigger one has started to chase him around.  Do you know of any websites, organizations, or adoption centers that would be willing or suitable for home for my green iguana?  I want to make sure she is safe, happy, and healthy.  I know my question consists of many questions, but any help you could offer, would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to read my question, and for all the advice you give to everyone else!  The following link is to the photo bucket, each picture has a title describing what you are looking at.

Hi Alex,
I'm sorry to hear that you don't want to keep your green iguana also.  It is very hard to find new homes for them.  Even the rescues are very full and in many cases really can't even squeeze in another one.  Is there any way that you are able to build another cage with all the proper lighting, uvb, etc for her also?  That would be the best for her as many times, depending on age, the do not do well with relocating.
As to the red iguana. It is very hard to tell in the pictures what may be going on. Without seeing it in person, it looks like it may just be built up dead shed. Since you are providing humidity, etc and say it is getting better, that can be what it is.  Try bathing your ig daily and keep up with the humidity as you have been.  I would try putting some Vaseline on it or aloe vera on it to see if that helps to get the old shed off.  If you see it getting worse in any way, or it doesn't clear up then a vet visit is needed as an antibiotic ointment may be needed along with an oral antibiotic medication.
His diet looks sure to mist the greens well as internal hydration is also vital to them.  On your uvb, be sure to check out some of my past answers to make sure you do indeed have proper uvb.  

Here are 3 links I found pertaining to rescue in your area if you really need to go that route...  I have no way of knowing how good or bad each rescue is so please be sure to check out each place completely prior to surrendering your iguana.


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