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Iguanas/black tail


I bought a new iguana from petco last week. He seems to be happy and healthy but this is new for me. So I was wondering if the black tip on his tail is normal?

Hi Kyle,
A black tip can be one of two things... if it is dry and brittle, then it is most likely dry gangrene and needs to be seen by a vet so the "dead" part of the tail can be removed to prevent it from moving on up the tail.  If it is soft and rubbery, then it is fine and is new growth  from an injury.  You might want to do a search for pictures of  both conditions so you can get a better idea as to what it is.  


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I am well versed in all aspects of the care and keeping of green iguanas. This includes all husbandry issues pertaining to the Green Iguana. I am not a vet so I cannot answer medical questions, other than ideas for normal supplementation, removing stuck shed, dropped tail and mites and other general health questions


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