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My husband received his 10 year permit last year but now we are thinking about moving to The Netherlands to take care of his mother for a few years. How will this effect his visa? Does he have to return to the US every year for a certain amount of time to keep it? He doesn't want to lose it for eventually we will be returning to the US to live permantently.

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Unfortunately, visas and even permanent resident cards no longer hold up when the individual leaves the country for 12 months or more.

He could return once a year and establish residence in America to prove he has no left for good. The work and expense involved outweighs keeping the visa.

Your best bet would be to announce departure for however long you choose and return by re-applying for another visa. Attempting to retain a visa in the U.S. while having a "sabbatical" in another country is frowned upon in the states.

You may also choose to contact an attorney to see if anything can be done legally to retain the current visa without interruption.

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