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In December of 2003, my mother had filed petition to bring my 2 sisters to live in US. Both of them are married and have children, one lives in Germany, the other in Netherlands. On January 7th, 2004 we received a 2 letters from INS stating that the case is being processed. It also said the the process will take between 990 to 999. Since that time we have not heard anything yet.

So, my questions are;
Is there a possibilty that the process may take more than 999 days?
Are they going to let us know what is going on before 999 days?
What can we do to speed up the process?
Is there a way to bring them to live in US while they're cases are being processed, maybe on a working visa?  

They can apply for non-immigrant visas, HOWEVER they must abide by the terms of admission, most non-immigrants are NOT permitted to work.  They can apply for an H visa (worker)  however, they must be sponsored by an EMPLOYER and the must have skills not available in the US.  

Speed up the process...not likely.  They are adults and not on the priority list.  

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