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Thanks again for your time, and by the way Happy New Year. My husband was not deported, we had an interview in Ciudad Juarez scheduled in June, and when we were there they told him that he could not leave Mexico, but we were prepared for that, the person that helped us told us that it would be about 6-9 months. I can't see that person being a scam artist because he is not collecting any money from us, he only collected the fines from the application and the waiver that we had to pay. Is there a number or a website that can give us the exact information on length of time? He has not been involved in any criminal activity, but has been caught driving without a license, but that is because he can not get a license. Anyway,we know that it is illegal to drive without a license, but after that we were told that it would not affect him because it is not a felony. With him living in Mexico we are financially sinking in debt, I am even thinking about taking this semester off school, so it would be great to know about how long of this misery we have to go through. I am in deep depresssion, there are days that I can not get myself to function and I work and go to school full time, it's just so hard to be without my husband...But enough with my boring story, which is everyone's story, I am sorry I am blabbing on and on... But if you can please send me some more info. if not then thanks again for your time and knowledge, it is greatly appreciated, God Bless.
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Thank you very much for the advice that you have given me, but by illegal action I am assuming that he meant that the government has a very poor excuse for denying residency to the individual.I have been reading about the ten year ban, wouldn't the mexican consulate in Ciudad Juarez have told me than he would be banned for ten years, and not 3-months, or is that something that they could do last minute, again I am waiting for the second letter of approval. I am sorry but I have been trying to get help and it seems like no one is able to give any information on this subject, I will definately go to the US consulate. Thanks again and happy holidays!!!
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Please help me, I am a U.S. citizen married to my husband of 5 years, we applied for the I-130, and had our first interview in Ciudad Juarez six mths ago.He is now residing in mexico and waiting for the 2nd interview. The mexican consulate told us the wait time would be 3-6 mths.The person that helped us with the paperwork told me yesterday that they are denying all cases in the 10th month, and that we would have to wait to get the letter and appeal it.He also said that it is an illegal action being done by the government.I have tried calling many numbers, and can not get any info., can you please tell me how long I must wait for my husband, I am a complete mess...Thank you very much for your time.
Cases are NOT arbitrarily denied in the 10th month.  What do you mean by an illegal action by the government and who is this person that told you this?  Sounds to me the person "helping" you with the paperwork is a scam artist who will hit you up for more money when the "10th month" comes around.  Go directly to the US Consulate Office and speak to a consulate officer and advise them what you were told by this person who was helping you.
Fill in some gaps for me...was your husband deported or did he go back to mexico on his own?  Was he ever convicted of a criminal act in the US...or Mexico for that matter?  There is more to this case.
The "illegal action" is a personal opinion by this individual "helping" you.  I would be very leery about this guy.
There are waivers you husband might be eligible for BUT you must fill in these blanks...there are a number of them.
Hope your New Year is a happy one.

Fines? Waiver?!  I am missing the boat here somewhere...
There is an application fee for the I-130 (Petition for Immediate Relative) not a fine.
Waiver...which is needed if he was Deported or is claim he wasn' why the waiver?  
I am surprised that you husband was not offered a K-3 non-immigrant visa which would allow him to come to the US while his application for permanent residency was pending.
There is more going on than the information you have provided.

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