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I received a letter saying that I needed to go to an interview regarding  I-130.  This is strange because me and my wife went to the marriage interview 5 months ago and she already has received her green card. I do remember the officer asking us if the i130 was approved in our interview.  We didn't know; we didn't remember getting anything in the mail.  But, it would have to be approved if my wife finally did get her green card, right?  I don't know if this is a mistake interview.  Should I contact them? Do I need to go? If so, what should I expect? Thank you. Mike  

Have your wife make an infopass appointment on and go into the local office with her card and show thenm the card and the appt. Or you can just go ont he interview date and show thenm the card. The interview generally is all about your relationship and how much you know about each other and how much joint evidence you have.



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