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Immigration Issues/I-130 marriage petition


I'm a US citizen and my Wife is in the Dominican Republic. I have filed Form I-130 and still awaiting my reciept # What Form/Documentation can I expect to
file next? What will be the Process & Timeline until obtaining the Visa? I cannot meet the
support requirments (I-864), can I have a "joint Sponser" and Help from a "Household member" (I-864A) together?

You will get a receipt and then an approval and then the case will go to the NVC who you will provide financial info to. You can use 2 joint sponsors or 1 joint sponsor and 1 household member. Obtaining the visa will probably take 2 years - that Embassy is very overloaded and slow. They have a waiting list of about 25000 applicants. It might be quicker to appply for a K-3 visa once you get the receipt.



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