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my friend moved to california from Iraq 5 years ago. she is now a us citizen and is trying to move her mother and minor sibling here also. she did the I130 for both of them. she received a letter that her mothers been approved and they will send it to nvc. this was in march, i think. what happens now? I read somewhere that the mother wil be contacted and ned to go to the us consulate in her country to get her visa.
  my friend says theres no mail in iraq and her mother is too afraid to leave her home.
 Is there a us consulate in iraq?
 Why hasnt hasnt her minor sister been   approved also?
  Shes so confused about when or they will be reunited.
  can you help me understand so i can maybe help her with whats next . thank you so much!!!  

You can check the status of the petition by going to www.USCIS.GOV website.  you can also check with the US State Department where the consulate is located...likely in Bagdad.  Keep in mind it does take a period of time for petitions to be approved and visas issued, particularly for other than 1st preference (spouse/minor children) petitions.

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