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I am currently applying for my adjustment of status.But I also want to apply for the travel document as I need to go home in march.Knowing how slow the goverment will be,I am going to try an apply for this travel documnet now so I wont have any hold ups or problems leaving or returning to the country.I arrived on a K-1 visa and have since got married.So I am wondering what I need to apply for,such as...advanced parole or re-entry permit.Also,am I classed as a conditional resident due to me been married and sorting out my adjustment of status?
Thanks for the reply though,its much apreciated,so cheers...Alan
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I hope you can help me with an issue we have on the I-131 form.I have just got married here in the states.I am from ireland and my wife is american.we are in the process of mailing of the various forms for my adjustment of status.Due to the length it takes to process these files we are going to mail the I-131 with these other files.I guess I am just wondering how do I fill out this form as I am only just now adjusting my status.Am I classed as advanced parole or conditional resident.Any help would be great as this is the only form we are having trouble with and ringing customer service is a waste of time,lol...thanks,Alan
An I-131 is an application for a travel document.  The form your wife should file on your behalf is an I-130 Petition for Immediate Relative.  Not knowing what your status is, I cannot comment on the remaining portion of your question.  You must provide your current status (visa), date of entry, term of entry.

Nothing in HRIFA authorizes the Service to allow an applicant to re-enter the United States without proper documents. If an applicant plans to leave the United States to go to any other country before a decision is made on his or her HRIFA adjustment application, he or she should contact the Service to request advance authorization for parole. If an applicant leaves the United States without such advance authorization, action on his or her HRIFA adjustment application may be terminated and the application m ay be denied. An applicant may also experience difficulty when returning to the United States if he or she does not have such advance authorization. Furthermore, any absence from the United States without an advance parole authorization issued prior to the alien's departure counts toward the 180-day aggregate time period that the applicant is allowed to be outside the United States.

How to File For Advance Parole
An alien in the U.S. and applying for an Advance Parole document for him- or herself must attach:
A copy of any document issued to the alien by U.S. immigration officials showing present status in the United States;
An explanation or other evidence demonstrating the circumstances that warrant issuance of Advance Parole.
If the alien is basing his or her eligibility for Advance Parole on a separate application for adjustment of status or asylum, he must also attach a copy of the filing receipt for that application.
If the alien is traveling to Canada to apply for an immigrant visa, he or she must also attach a copy of the consular appointment.  

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