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I entered the US as a student in JAN 2004 everythng was going fine, until i was notified that due to me failing one of my classes I would have to be acedemically suspened for one year, Which would put me out of status. At that time I was engaed to me now wife. So we got married and she petioned for me. We recently recieved the approval notice, but then it goes on to say ineligible to adjust and the approved petionn will be sent to National Visa Center.I am being sponsord by my wife the onle paer work we sent in was the I-130 petion so far.
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My question is that i got an appoval of the petition 131. But then it goes on to say that the evidence inidcates that I am not eligible to file for adjustment of status application based on the information that was submitted. Does this mean?
Give me your immigration history so I can see where the issue is. When did you enter? - what status? - how did you maintain status? - who is sponsoring you for residence?



You got an approval of I-130 not I-131. You are eligible to adjust and should have filed I-130 and I-485 packet not just I-130. You can file I-485 packet now. Let me know if you need a great attorney to process your paperwork!!!



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