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Hello Sir,          (Dated: 07/17/2006)

I am on H1B status and it is valid through July'2007. My wife is on H4 status and she is a physical therapist applying for Adjustment of Status next week. My question is, while her application is pending with USCIS can she travel to India using her H4 status and return without a problem? Does she needs to apply for a travel document as her adjustment of status is pending?

We are also planning to travel to Canada to get the stamping done. Is it OK for her to go for stamping when her adjustment of status is pending? To be precise does she require to go for H4 stamping when she is applying for I-131?

I appreciate your response.


She can travel to India and return as long as the H4 is valid.  Regarding "without problem", ANY foreign national attempting to enter the US can be denied admission even witha  valid is the discretion of the CBP Inspector.

Stamping?  Not sure what you mean.  But if it relates to the change of status, until it is approved, there are no changes to be made.

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