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I do have the I-765. Will that count for nothing then?
If I got back in on a visa waiver, could I not just reside in the US then for the next year with my I-765 and work and apply anew for PR?
My employer is counting on me coming and starting work!
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Question -
I am currently in Germany, and only found out by chance yesterday that I was not supposed to leave the US without receiving my I-131 document.

I am married to a US citizen and currently in the process for an I-485. I already have a I-765.

The UCSIS received my I-131 application on April 26th (they are currently processing applications of April 9th).

Before I left the US to visit my family in Germany, I called the CIS since my travel document had not arrived yet. I was told I could leave without it and have my parents-in-law in the US send it after me when it comes. I swear that I was told this since I am quite concerned with getting all the CIS documents right.

Now I learned that this is wrong. I should have had the document when I left.

What should I do now? The appliucation is still running. Will I probably receive my I-131 anyway?
My flight back is in early August and my work starts in late August. I need to go back.

Will I encounter serious problems? I was given incorrect information. Does it help that my husband is American?

Can I use my German visa waiver in any way to get back in?

Any help is very much appreciated!
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Answer -
If the I-131 is mailed to your house, your husband can mail it to you and you can come back with it. If you are called into Immigrwtion to pick it up, you have a problem becasue you are not here. If all else fails you can try to come in on visa waiver but your application for green card will be considered abandoned and you will have to apply again and if they know you are married to a citisen, they will probably not let you n and then your husband will have to file for you to process the immigrant visa abroad which will take about 9 months.



When you enter on visa waiver - your work permit and green card application become voided. If they let you in, you can reapply for work permit and Green card.

If you get in on visa waiver, your employer will not know that your work permit is not valid so I guess you could use it until you get the new one.



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