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Dear Mr Hay

I am a legal resident alien of the US and have been for 20 odd years (green card holder). I have French/EU residency. I have been living in Europe for the past 2 years. I have been back to the states (Texas) twice for a week at a time visiting my 2 remaining family members that live there. (one citizen, one with my status).

My concern is: if upon returning at any point for either, an extended stay, brief visit or return, should my green card be taken away or revoked, what will I need to do to get it back? And how likely is this to happen?

Question 2: Is there anything I can do to ‘ensure’ that it is not taken away? For example: work when I go there so I can file a tax return…

Thank you for your time.


I must admit that I am a little confused by your question. Why are they going to take your green card (or more correctly as you pointed out, your Permanent Residence Visa)?????

Now if you leave the USA for more than 1 year the visa will be terminated. If you commit a felony and are convicted it will be canceled. If it turns out you obtained the visa under fraud it might be canceled. But other than that I don't know why it would be taken away.  

If you plan on staying out of the USA more than one year, you should obtain an advanced parole re-entry permit. Other than that I am not sure what you are worried about?

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