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I am a Canadian veterinarian who married a US citizen 09/2007.   I was
present on a valid TN VIsa at the time and filed for adjustment of status.  
Since then my TN has expired (and I stopped working the day it expired).  I
have received my EAD but am still pending the interview (fingerprints done
My question is - what am I allowed to do on the EAD until the permanent
resident status comes through?  I was told I have to have an employer (I hope
to start my own consulting business eventually).. I may be able to arrange
that, but it would help to know if I can work as an independent contractor, if I
have to be a full-fledged employee, what are the ramifications of starting a
business of my own before the interview..etc.  I've searched the USCIS site but
I can't find anything outlining what is and is not allowed with your EAD - if
you can direct me anywhere or provide any clear outlines it would be
immensely helpful!!!

If your adjustment of status is based upon marriage and not employment, you can work for anyone in the US on an EAD card in any position.  As long as your spouse has income and can support you or have a sponsor for support, you do not have to worry about being employed.  Relax.
Good Luck
Mark Ashley

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