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Hi there, i wasnt sure which category this question fits into so i hope this is the right one!
I live in the UK right now and i'm looking into moving to the US (Maryland to be exact) but i have no idea how to go about it. I've tried looking it up on websites but they arent really helpful, so i hoped you could help me out a little. I know theres more to it than just getting a flight over and finding somewhere to live - something about Permanent Residency and Visas and whatnot, but i dont see any kind of linear path to it... a step-by-step guide would be great haha.
Anyway i hope you can help me out with this, it means a lot to me!

There is no straight line. In fact it is more difficult to immigrate to the US than to the UK.

The easiest ways are family who are US citizens (spouse, children over 21, parents, and then siblings). Then the next is employment based.

If you do not have a US citizen spouse or child which results in immediate visa availability, and you do not have a job offer, the options are somewhat limited and confusing.

If you wish to invest a modest amount in the USA there is a visa called the E visa. You will be allowed to establish a business and work in that business which must involve a substantial investment (there is no hard and fast definition of "substantial" but $100,000.00 is generally good enough).

There are other visas for rock stars, athletes, artists, etc.

If you have a million dollars to invest in some low quality long term real estate investment, there is a visa waiting for you.

If you are a Business Person of Extraordinary Merit and Accomplishment there is a visa category for that, but they hate to issues those. You really have to be a big shot.

If you have some sort of national security secrets to give the USA, that might help.

If you are working for a religious order (similar to a working visa) they can petition for you, and there is a surprising number of religious orders looking for bodies to man the various jobs a church, synagogue, mosque or temple may need.

There are other even odder visas.

In short there are a lot of options, but none for someone who just wants to come over and set up house in the USA. Would need to know more about you.

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