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Hello Hollander:
Thank you for your time. I would like to ask you two questions, please. The first is :I am a US citizen and I have filed a 601 waiver on my husband's behalf in April 2007. I am concerned about the amount of time that has lasped since then (10 months). Do you have any idea of how long it should take? The second is: My husband and I reside in Pennsylvania but I received a job offer in Phoenix, AZ. I would like to accept it, will that cause a problem with INS even if we can prove that we will be visiting each other often? My husband does not want to go with me until we get a decision on the waiver. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.



You should make an infopass appt at and go into the local office and check on the status of the case. Assuming everythin else is in order, your husband would not be interviewed any more so you could take the job and he could move to you after approval. The I601 should not have taken this long - something else must be holding it up - like security clearances.



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