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My uncle is sponsoring two of his married children. Each family is composed of 4 people: a husband, a wife and two children. As both cases will become soon current, he is preparing I-864 in advance. Somebody told him that he will need income sufficient for 8 people. Some others told him that he needs only income for 4 people on each separate I-864 because all these 8 people are still in Cambodia. Who is right?

If he needs income sufficient for 8 people, he will lack money and he has to have recourse to a joint sponsor.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

The first case to come through he needs enough income to cover the family of 4 plus the number of people on his tax return including him. for the second case he will need enough for that family of 4, the 1st family of 4 and the number in his household.



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