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We have filed extension of I-94 for my parents in December.There I-94 expires on March 16, 2008. We have received receipt from USCIS. If we do not receive either acceptance or denial, can they continue to stay. They plan to leave US by June 16,08. Would there be a problem in there re-entry if we do not receive either acceptance or denial by June 16. Also, would there visa be cancelled in case they receive the denial. Also, if we they receive the denial what is the maximum period within which they need to leave U.S.

Extensions are low priority items for Immigration. They are not likely to receive a response before June. When they leave they should always keep with them the receipt as proof they filed a timely request. If denied they need to leave within 30 days. Visa would not be cancelled at that point but may be on next try in.



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