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QUESTION: Hello, I am a Canadian Citizen and my boyfriend is an American Citizen. We are planning to move together and live in the USA as he has a better job than I do in Canada. For now we are not thinking about my question is how can I as a Canadian Citizen find a way to be legal in the country and be able to work?
Thanks for your answer.

ANSWER: You would have to qualify for a green card or a TN or H-1 visa to be able to work legally. Marraige is the easiest way for a green card.



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QUESTION: Thanks Robert for the Quick answer.
I have a degree in Translation and work experience in International business... import/export in canada.
I have checked the list from Nafta for the legal workers that I can apply for the TN visa and my profession is not listed there. I would like to know how is the procedure to get the H1 visa and also if I can apply for it once I am in the USA?
I have dual citizenship: brazilian and Canadian. Do you also think that Canadian passport has better access to the USA than the Brazilian passport?
Thanks again.

For H-1 you need a bachelors degree and an employer in that field with a job offer that requires a bachelors degree. There is a quota on H-1s and no more are available until 10/08 though they need to be applied for on 4/1/08. Canada passport would be better for TN if you can qualify, otherwise either is fine.



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