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Hi - As a naturalized citizen, I applied and got a receipt # issued on January 2003 for my son that was older than 21 years & was un-married at that time, and my daughter that was older than 21 years and was married at that time. Now my question is; my daughter got divorced about three years ago, and my son got married and have a baby about 4 years ago. Do I need to inform immigration of this status change? If yes, is it too late, and what form do I need to fill out?

Thanks in advance.

You should write a letter with a copy of the divorce and marriage certificates. Your son is now in the 3rd preference category line and your daughter is now in the 1st preference category line. If the baby was born abroad, you need to give a copy of the birth certificate and ask that he be added to the processing. Your son's case is in line that the head of is in 5/2000. Your daughter's line is in 2/2002.

Notify the National Visa Center so they can preoceed with the case at the right time. You can call them at 6033340700.



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