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How/what is the way of changing that I had answered NO to the question of arresst, I-485. I never realised it until one of my friend told me. I have arrested on first time DWI and plead guilty of implied consent law and reckless driving in Tennesse. The lawyer who helped me on this case told me nothing of this effect on my immigration. He said do not repeat it you will be ok. After that I forgot about all. Never realised about this question.

How Do I need to modify the submitted 485 with YES and submitt all documents about case ?

or Just wait until if I get an RFE and then take action them ?

In 485 they said excluding traffic voilations that means does  my issue is falls under traffic voilation right.........some body was also saying that and said cool down and wait and see.........

Please help me in this matter what I need to do.......? Thanks

Wait until your interview and tell the officer then that you were confused about the wording traffic violations. Those relaly refer to things like cell phone/seat belt/ going thru red lite type things. Bring a certified disposition to your interview.


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