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Immigration Issues/Denial of tourist visa for parents


    I am writing this matter regarding a personal matter that I need help with. I am a green card holder from India and have been living here in Boston for the last six years.During this time ( November 2004) my parents wanted to come for a brief vacation but unfortunately were denied the visa .They recently applied for the visa again with the same disappointing result.I have talked to so many friends whose parents had similar reasons for coming and were issued the visa. For me this is so frustating as I don't know how to go ahead.I fail to understand their attitude which is totally oblivious of much effort and resources my parents have invested with zero results. I have heard stories about lot of discrimination at U.S embassy ( New Delhi,India)based on gender, religion.etc. Is there any help I could seek from you that might help us with this issue.  ....
         If you feel that they were rejected the visa based on the fact that were unable to prove they were coming back after a short trip ,what kind of documentation should they have to prove that.
         I would really appreciate your help/feedback on this.
Thank you
sabba shah

How long have you had a green card? The fastest way to get them here is to become a citizen, when you are eligible ( 5 years after getting green card) and apply for Immigrant visas for them. Otherwise, the officer shave too much discretion to deny toursit visas.



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