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   i and my friends are graduating this may, and our opt starts from July, so there will some gap between opt expiration and H1 approval in the next year. More over our course work ends on May 1st and graduation date will be in the same week. So my questions are:

1) Is there a way to file h1 in this year. if so, let me know the process of doing that(if possible check list of documents for application).
2) who will be the best one to contact for filing and verifications.
3) Is there a way that my university can help me and what will be the approach to do so.

Swaroop Govula

You can not apply this year since you will not be awarded your degree until May and the first day of filing is 4/1/08. Immigration gets so many H-1 applications on 4/1/08 that the H-1 quota will run out on that day and they will do a random lottery to chose who gets the 65000 visas available. They will do the same thing next year, so even though you will be able to file on 4/1/09 there is no guarantee that you will be chosen for the random lottery. The schools generally do not help with H-1s - you need a prospective employer.



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