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Immigration Issues/Former J-1, now F-1 wanting to get married


Hello, I completed a master's degree in the U.S. while holding a J-1, I am subject to the 212(E) requirement. As of today, I have spent 14 months in my home country.

I just got accepted to a prestigious PhD program with a F-1 visa, and my classes begin begin this fall. By that time, I will have completed about 20 months in my home country.

My fiance is an US citizen and wants to get married whenever I go back.

My question is... can I get married in the US while on F-1 and not apply for a green card until I have completed the 4 months left on my 212(E)?

The PhD program is about 4 years, so I plan to accumulate the 4 remaining months over summer vacations in my country.

Yes you can. Getting married does not require filing paperwork on a specific date. You could also file for a hardship waiver to your US citizen husband and show proof you have complioed with 20 of 24 months and you may get a waiver of the remaining 4 months.



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