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Immigration Issues/I am on L1 visa, my project is ending. I have question about reentering USA on a different visa



I am currently residing in USA on L1 visa. My L1 visa is valid until Dec 2008. Between, I have a different employer who is interested in applying for my H1B on April 1st through change of status.

But my project on L1 ends on Jun 30th 2008 and I need to go back to India.

Also, I am planning on getting married later this year. My questions are:
1. Assuming my change of status gets approved, can I reenter US on H4 visa before Oct 1 2008 and start working on Oct 1 2008 using my change of status approval? Or do I have to file another change of status petition from H4 to H1B again?

2. Does it matter  if my change of status petition gets approved before or after I leave USA?

I greatly appreciate your help in this regard,
Harish A.  

H4 is for spouse of H-1 - Is your wife already on H-1?

If you get selected in H-1 lottery and the petition is approved, if you are out of the US or on your first trip out, you will have to get an H-1 visa stamp. They probably will not do this for you until September, since work can not start until Oct 1.



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