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Immigration Issues/Leaving the US for a work visa interview whilst waiting for a work permit


QUESTION: My girlfriend and I are thinking of marrying so we can live together in the US.
She's an American.

I've been waiting for a work visa (O) for 12 months from a US company, it
appears to have run into trouble and may or may not happen.

My question is, what happens if the O comes through after I'm married but
before my work permit turns up? Will I be allowed to leave the country to go
back to London for the interview at the US embassy? And is there a chance I'll
then have trouble getting back into the US after getting married on a visa

Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Your best option is to get married at town hall, get the certificaite and file for adjustment of status. You will get a work card within 2-3 months. You can also apply for travel permission while the adjustment is pending.

I would not bother with the O unless youa re not ready to get married for awhile.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the quick response.

It's not so much me bothering with it as the fact it may just suddenly turn up.
It's been in the system for ages but there is still a slim chance it may appear
and it's from a company that I'd still really like to work for, hence I wanted to
check my options, just in case.

If they did happen to call and say, 'It's through you need to go back for an
interview', is a temporary travel permit something that takes a long time to
get authorised?

Thanks again for your advice on this.

You cant get a travel permit without having the marraig case pending. Once the marriage case is pending, it takes about the same 2-3 months to get a work permit and travel permit. Then you would not need the O because you would have a work permit.



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