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I hold a UK passport but have been a permanent resident alien in the US with a green card since 1970.  My husband is American and I have 4 grown children who were all born and raised in the US.  At the end of Nov 2007, my mother, who is 78, was diagnosed with terminal leukemia.  I immediately returned to the UK to care for her and my father, who is 80.  The prognosis is that she will survive for up to 1 year to 18 months and I would like to remain here to continue her care.  What can I do to protect my permanent resident alien status as I know there are requirement regarding the amount of time you can spend outside the US each year as a green card holder.  I will be returning to the US on occasion to see my US family and attend to matters pertaining to my home where I live in Florida.  I intend to return to the US to resume my life once my mother passes and her estate is in order.

I appreciate your assistance in this matter.
Thank you,
Krista Cabourne

If you come here once every 6 months you do not need to do anything. If not, I would apply for a reentry permit that will alow you to stay out for 2 years. You need to be here to file for that so when you return next time you can file the I-131.



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