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Immigration Issues/Sister Divorced and changed her name


My sister is in Thailand and I filed paperworks for her and her (then) husband to immagrate to the U.S.  Now she is divorced and reverted back to her maiden name.  What are the forms to that I need to complete, now that She will be the only one I want to petition. Her orignal petition has been denied due to her divorce, and I'm now retired.

The petition should not have been denied becasue your siter got divorced. You are the brother and she is the principal applicant with her ex husband being the derivative applicant. He is no longer able to get status from the petiiton but your sister is. These cases take over 10 years to process so you should try to revive that case if it was erroneously denied. It will delay things if you have to file a new I-130. The fact that you are retired does not hurt the case. You can find a financial co-sponsor.



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