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Mr. Hollander, I am a 32 year old man, born in the US. My fiancee (30 years of age)lives in El Salvador. We met through a cousin of mine, in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico several years ago.  But we only stayed friends and didn't keep in touch. About 6 months ago, we got back in touch and corresponded over the phone. We've talked on the phone practically every day since then.  So we decided we should get together and talk about our future face to face. On February 13th, we both traveled and met again in Guadalajara, Mexico. We are in love and want to get married and live in Los Angeles (where I'm from). And we would like the wedding to take place in El Salvador. Is it possible to marry, honeymoon, and then immediately bring her to Los Angeles with me after the honeymoon?  I'm sorry if I'm a bit overanxious and sound shortsighted, but we want to be together as soon as possible.
On another note, I REALLY appreciate the fact that you're committing yourself to helping others and not focusing solely on clients. The rest of us can learn from you to be more giving.  Thank YOU.

You can not bring her here immedaitely. You can apply for an immigrant visa or a k3 visa once you are married. The immigrant visa will take about a year - the k3 will take about 6 months but then she will have to apply for the green card after she gets here.



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