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QUESTION: I'm not sure if this is something you can help me with. I am a UK citizen married to a US Citizen. My husband is wanting to file his tax return and claim for me. I have my immigration interview in a couple of weeks so at the moment I don't have a SSN. Should I wait until the interview or should I apply for an ITIN so that he can do his tax return?

ANSWER: If interview is in a couple of weeks, wait til then. If you get stamp you can take that to social Security office and get SS# and then file taxes by 4/15.



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QUESTION: Thanks for that. Just out of interest do you know how long the interview generally lasts and do they normally give an answer then? If not how long does it take for an answer?
Thanks very much

You wil probably wait in the waitin groom longer than the interview. It usually is about 10 minutes. If all is in order they will stamp your passport then and you can travel and get SS#. If security checks or pending or something additional is needed they will not stamp the passport and you will have to wait until your file is complete.



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