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I am a German citizen with an B1/B2 visa (multiple entry for 10 years). Each stay is limited to 6 month. I am in the US now for close to six month. My parents want to visit and would leave a few days after the expiration date on my I94. So I would like to stay a few days longer, as well (some 10 days in total). Can I make a brief visit (how brief?) to Canada and re-entry on the B1/B2 that I already have? Or should I just risk leaving a few days later? What effect would have that on an eventual re-entry, say in 6 month or so?
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When you go to Canada on stays of 30 days or less you get the same I-94 so that would  not extend your time. You can file a form I539 to extend and ask for an extra month or so and then just leave after the 10 days you need. Carry with you copies of the extension request and the receipt you get from immigration for the I-539, so you have proof you did not overstay. As long as the I-539 is filed before the I-94 expires, you will be fine.



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