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QUESTION: i am married to a U.S citizen. i just found out that he's impregnanted someone. i am hurt and still worried about how it is going to affect my conditional resident. we are still living together but i can't deal with him anymore and wants him out of the house. what do i have to do? i just want a divorce

ANSWER: You can file the I-751 by yourself if you get divorced. You do not need him for the second card. However, you need proof fo the marriage while it lasted. Your choice is either to stick it out and file it together or get divorced and file alone with proof of the marraige/. Once you file, you can not cahnge the category without having to file again.



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QUESTION: i'm suppose to file to remove the conditions this Auguest. whatif i put in the application and he decide to file for the divorce, will it have any effects on it. thanks so much

If you file together and he gets a divorce or refuses to go to the interview, you will have to refile. If there is any chance of him not going to the interview or filing for the divorce in the next year to year and a half, gather your marital evidence and put it in a safe place and then get a divorce and file without him as soon as the divorce is final. I have gotten hundreds of cases approved where the people divorced before the I-751 filing.



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