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QUESTION: Hi I am a British citizen who married a U.S citizen 3 months ago.The marriage has not worked out and I am now returning home to the UK.What will happen now?
I appreciate any advice
thank you

ANSWER: What happens in terms of what? Immigration wise, you can not apply for a green card through your sposue once you divorce, but will be able to visit and find a different manner to get a green card, if you so desire.



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QUESTION: thank you for your response.will i have any trouble returning to the uk? and if i want to travel to the usa again in the future will i have any touble with that?

Your a Uk citizen so you should not have trouble going back to your country. Trying to come back here may be a bit hard as a tourist as they will think you are going to try and marry an American again adn try to stay again. If you stay here illegally and get fiovrced and marry someone else without going home, it will be easier for you to get legal.



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