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Immigration Issues/got married in Romania to a U.S.armed force member


QUESTION: Me and my husband got married in Romania, my home country. He is in the U.s. Army. We are trieing to find out what is the fastest way for me to come to the U.S. He has orders to report to his next duty station in U.S. and I need to report with him. We want to know if we can file the papers at the consulate in Romania, so we dont have to wait for too long since filing in the us takes forever.

ANSWER: They should have expedited proceedures at the Embassy for US military personnel and their families. Contact the Immigrant Visa Unit of the US Embassy in Bucharest to get more info.



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QUESTION: I called the US Embassy in bucharest and the lady there said that my husband should file in the US... I also went on the website and there it sais that petitions are accepted at the Consulate for us citizens residing in Romania, including members of armed forces as well as true emergency cases. Now, my husband is not residing in Romania, he is in the U.S. Just because he is in the U.S. he does not meet the criteria? we are so confused about this entire thing...

If he is in the U.S. now - he must file here. But, once it is filed, he probably could get a Congressman to write a letter to get it adjudicated in an expedited fashion, since he is in the Military. H could also file for a k3 visa for you to try and get you here quicker and then you would apply for the actual green card after you get here.



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