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QUESTION: Dear sir or madam:

My name is Jia Lu.I am a China citizen.And my friend is a US citizen. He is now applying for a k1 visa for me. when he is filling the I-129F, he found that it required a naturalization number for Question 10.but the question is that he lost his certificate of where can he refind this it necessary for him to reapply for a new certificate of naturalization to provide on the I-129f. the passport is not enough to prove he is a US citizen?  

Well, we are eager to send our application if we are not able to provide this number,will the application be sent back to us?what shall we do? please help us.

I am waiting for your prompt reply.Thank you so much!!

Jia Lu

ANSWER: Send in the application with a copy of the US passport. FRor the question of certificate number put "lost certificate". Have him apply immediately for new certificate on form N-565 so if they request it later you can give it to them. They generally do not send back the petition unless it is not signed or the fee submitted is wrong. Howeverm they probably will send a request for evidence for it.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for your prompt reply.
so do you mean is it fine if we do NOT fill the number on the I-129F and let this line is empty? actually i am not very sure about your so-called" lost certificate". can you explain it to me?

Thanks a million!!

Jia Lu

In order to get it filed you can fill in the box by saying the certificateis lost and giving a coipy of the passport. In the meantime have him file the N-565 so that if they ask for the certificate number at a later date, he will have his certificate.



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