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Immigration Issues/How can I reinstate a visa petition that was revoked by the death of the original petitioner?)


I have received a notice of approval for 1-130(under 245-i filled in April 2001 )since last week.My mother,US citizen,the petitioner deceased 4 years ago.I have strong alternative sponsors,US Sisters and a US brother.I am an assistant professor at a great US university in USA, married with 3 children one is six years old US citizen.
My family and I ( exclude my US son) have granted withholding of deportation 2 years ago based on different case Asylum.
Based on the previous information, what is the best way to adjust my status to be permanent resident.
Your help is fully appreciated.Thank you

The case through your mother can not be used since she died before the I-130 was approved. Withholding of Deportation does not get you a green card, just prevents them from deporting you. Your siblings can file I-130 for you but the case will take 15 years, as will a case by your son for you since he can not file for you until he is 21.



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