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QUESTION: I am an American citizen and intend to marry a British citizen and want to know the best, fastest, cheapest way to bring my new husband legally into the USA- to live and to work ASAP.  Please advise.

ANSWER: The best thing to do is have come legally into the US. Wait 30 days and get married (this is not absolutely necessary, but I rather like it). Then file for him.  When you file request a temporary work authorization so that he can work while he is waiting for the visa.

Good luck.

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QUESTION: Thank you- to follow up, how long will it take once filed and how long will the temporary work authorization take to get once filed?  Also, would it be possible for us to marry immediately and husband return to England to work his present job while these requests are processed?  Please advise.  Thank you    Pamela

I am not trying to be a smart a*s, but it will take as long as it takes. I have long ago stopped trying to figure out time frames. However, while you are waiting he will be eligible for the temporary work authorization.

If you get married, and he returns to England, then you are abandoning the process here will need to proceed through the US consulate.

Don't know what is best for you. Good luck.

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