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Immigration Issues/About using AC 21 to switch jobs while wife already is using EAD to work


My 140 is approved and I-485 pending. My wife who had an H4, is now using her EAD -which is a derivative of my filings. I on the other hand, did not use my EAD, still on my H1. I want to move to another job(not too different from what I do now) and want to have my current employer transfer my H1 visa to the new employer.I want to use the AC21 portability. Can I or should I just start using my EAD to move and work in the new company. If I do get the H1 trasfer and work on it, does it matter that my wife uses her EAD( as she couldnt work on her H4)?
Please advise ASAP. Thank you.

You may switch employers as soon as your I-485 has been pending 180 days. You do not need to do an H but can work on EAD from Adjustment. When the interview comes, your new employer will provide the job letter, as long as it is in tbe same field and geographic area.



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