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I have enter in USA with B1 visa at december 2007. I fall in love with my friend and got married here. he is permanent residence of USA. My husband filed I-130 for me at february 14, 2008 and got received receipt letter at february 21,from INS. My B1 visa is going to expire within a week. Do I need to maintain any status during I-130 approved? or what is the best way for me to wait I-130 approved from INS?

You will not be able to extend your tourist time enough to stay here legally for the whole time of the 5 year process it takes for a green card holder to sponsor a spouse. If your husband has been a green card holder for 4 years and 9 months he can file for citizenship. Once he is a citizen it will go much quicker. Once he becomes a citizenm it will not matter if you have stayed illegally past your authorized time. If he never becomes a citizen, you wil not be eligible to get your green car dinterview here.



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