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QUESTION: Dear Sir or Ma'am I need a help please: I'm not from USA and I enter USA with B1 and B2 visa my visa will expire on 2010 and I'm engage to USA citizen and we planing to get married this year what do I have to do I worked for USA government for 9 years in my country and also in Iraq for USA Army is it gone help anything that telling them or no  never had problem with the government or neither in my country and I am a afraid they will say to me to go back in my country!!! What do I need to do I am so worried I Love my fiance we gone get married soon and I cam here for visit but we planing to get married and my I=94 it's expired on September 2007! What I need please some one have an answer for me I appreciate for all the time thank you
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ANSWER: Because you entered legally, you can get your papers here once you marry a citizen. It will not matter that you overstayed. After marraige you have to file I-130.I-485 package and supporting documents.



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QUESTION: Mr Robert,

First I want to say thank you for the answer! I have one more question please so we get a license for marriage is it gone be any problem for that or! Mr Robert I know am asking you allot of question I have one more Sir: Did that means that they not gone send me to my country right can you explain more in detail if you can? Thank you for your time
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Your visa does not matter now that you are in USA - your I-94 is what matters, but even if the I-94 is expired, you do not have to go back to your country, because when you marry a citizen, you can file to get your green card interview here and not have to go back to your country.



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