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Immigration Issues/Border patrol agent interrogated friend when entering US


My friend recently entered the US and was interrogated by the border patrol agent for the first time.  She is from Costa Rica and is a student. She has never been questioned before.

The agent asked about her funds, where she was staying (friends), whether she had a bf or husband (no).  She did not have a lot of money with her and the agent seemed bothered by this.  Her response was that she was staying with some friends.

She was told by an airline worker that the agent questioned her because she overstayed her trip without informing anyone. In 2007 to 2008, she has been to the US on three different occasions. During two of those trips, she extended her stay by one week without contacting any immigration officials.

She has a B1/B2 visa that is valid for another 6 years.

Will she have any problems reentering the US in the future?

Because of the technicall one week violations, she can be questioned every time she comes in and if she gets a nasty opfficer, they can cancel the visa and send her back, the less trips she makes and the longer she stays aborad, the less likley she will be harrassed.



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