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I am a Naturalized US Citizen. My wife came to the US when she was 17 from Mexico, she came here without inspection.

   She came in on January of 2001. Her brother already FILED a petition of an I-130 and this happen over 5 yrs ago and all that she has recieved was that the case is still pending and it was transfered to a different location. They filed before the April 2001 deadline.... therefore, can i file for her a new I-130 as her husband or does she have to leave the country ?
       she's been here 7 yrs and has filed taxes every year with a Tax Id. any hope for us.  
       She's been here and has not had any dealings w/ Immigration.
   Do you recommend I go to a lawyer to fill these forms out, i am in South Carolina

If her brother filed before 4/30/01 she can file through you now and get it here. I would recommend using a lawyer. Immigration is federal law and can be practiced in any state. I am located in NY but have cases all over the country. If you would like to discuss my representing you, call my office at 516 487 0500.



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