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I was born and raised in the US - my girlfriend has dual citizenship between England and Belgium.  We plan on marrying and would like to reside in the US.  She would also like to get a job here at some point (maybe teaching or translating as she has a college degree in languages and is fluent in English, French, and mostly fluent in Italian).  What process should we follow to make this as quick and painless as possible?  Should she come here on a visitor's visa and then we get married while she's legally here on the visitor's visa?  If so, what would our next step(s) be to make her eligibility to live (and eventually work) here?  Or is there another route which would be more so advised?  Any help you can offer is GREATLY appreciated!

PS - the American-based company I work for has an office in the UK - and there are talks of having me work out of the UK office for up to 2 years.  Would this be advisable?  The thought was that it might make it easier for us to be together there in the UK and would give us the 2 years to get the necessary paperwork sorted out.  Again - any & all advice is MOST GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you!

Mark Daniel,
She can come on a tourist visa (not visa waiver) and adjust her status to US permanent residency. But there is a issue of intent in this option, since your wife should be misrepresenting if she intends to use a visitor's visa to get married in the US. You would need to consult with an attorney to resolve this, if you wish to proceed this route.

I would suggest that since you have the option of going to UK, you need to apply for Form I-130 and obtain a immigrant visa at the US consulate in UK.

Best of luck,
Ramasamy Krishnan

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